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Norden Performance /GRSC 1-6×24, CRS-16 M4-62

First impressions out of the box:

Packaging is modest for this optic. Instructions, warranty information, and company info are included in the box. The scope appears well built with positive clicks and easy zero turrets.

After mounting in a LaRue Tactical SPR-E mount and installing on top of an Adams Arms match rifle I was excited to get to the range.

The glass is clear, and eye relief is very good for the AR platform, giving plenty of room for movement between the front and rear limits. I have noticed with other optics I’ve used on the AR that my eye placement is different in a standing position and a prone position.


I contacted Travis atMGM Switchview, manufacturer of the Switchviewmagnification changing lever, to see if he had a lever that would fit the NP GRSC CRS. He hadn’t designed one specifically for this scope yet. But after some discussion we determined that a model he currently makes for another optic would do quite nicely. When shooting in the Tactical Optics division of a 3-gun competition most shooters recognize the added value of having a Switchview on their scope. And Travis makes and sells one of the lightest,best designed levers available anywhere.


At 100 yards the target was clear in the morning light and with the additional x2 magnification I am able to see the 1 inch increment lines on the sight in target. First shot was ten o’clock three inches. I adjusted the turrets accordingly, down 3 clicks and right 7 clicks,remember the clicks are .1 mil (1 centimeter) at 100 meters. Next five shots were all in the one inch center square. The 1 Minute Of Angle (MOA) dot aiming point for 100M is nice, just the right size in my opinion, for what the reticle is designed to do. After zeroing and confirming I set the caps to zero by simply pulling them out and turning then pushing them back in. I then turned the turrets to their top, bottom, left and right limits and then back to where I had zeroed the turret caps. I fired five more rounds. They all hit within the 1 inch center.

Bad weather set in and a 100M zero was all I could get before heading to Dallas TX to shoot with some real American Heroes, members of the US Army 5th Special Forces Group. With all of their combined shooting experience and time spent behind a scope, I was anxious to find out what they thought. I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank Mr Len Baxley and all the great folks at TDSA in Farris TX for the trip and invitation to shoot with these guys. At the end of the day on Saturday I took some extra time and ammo to make sure everyone got a good impression of this new optic. Overwhelmingly, they all agreed on the quality and practical application of the scope and reticle for combat as well as competition. A week after my trip they contacted me asking for contact info so they could order one for their personal use.

As for myself, on top of all the good things I want to say about this scope the best part to me is having a front focal plane bullet drop compensator (BDC) with 6X magnification.

The Reticle:

At the heart of this optic is the patented GRSC General Purpose Combat (GPC) M4-62 Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) Reticle. Placed on the front focal plane this whole concept is

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perfectly achieved by the designer Ed Verdugo. On 1x the reticle provides an exceptional quick reference aiming point for close quarter shooting. This is done by the larger inverted horseshoe that appears like a large red dot on 1X. As the magnification is adjusted the reticle enlarges to allow the use of the ranged aiming points out to 800M.The reticle also provides ten inch ranging circles allowing the shooter to range a target of know size at each distance. The reticle is very practical and extremely useful in a day when optics are trying to do too much and get too busy, this one does everything a reticle should without gumming up the perspective of the down range area. Designed for the military M855 62gr full metal jacket, if properly zeroed, the reticlewill work well for almost any .223/5.56 bullet. Here’s what I mean. I hear a lot of guys talk about a BDC’s in their scopes, and how it’s designed for a certain bullet, and that they wish they could get one specific to their bullet or load. Here’s the lowdown, you don’t need that unless you’re shooting 1000yd highpower or some other precision sport. For combat and 3-gun alike, if you’re off a quarter of an inch at 300yds, your equipment is out performing you. Now, the mechanics of this,working with the 62gr and 77gr bullets, if you zeroat 100yds there is maximum difference of about 3.5 inches at 500 (see the chart below). If you zero at 500 you have a smaller more consistent difference of approximately 1.5 inches at most ranges. That means to me “Aim center mass, hit center mass”.

Final comments, buy this scope, equip it with a MGM Switchview, and enjoy. With good glass, a front focal plane easy to use BDC, daylight visible lit reticle, repeatable zero mechanics, and a price of $1025. it doesn’t have an equal.


Norden Performance GRSC CRS

MGM Switchview

Adams Arms Competition Rifle



Larue Tactical SPR-E Mount

iSnipe Ballistics Calculator

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About the Author:

Kirk Broyles is a 22year veteran of the US Army, US Army Distinguished Marksman, USPSA Multi-State Pistol Champion, veteran 3-Gun Competitor, and Match Director for the Ozark 3-Gun Championship.

… Bill T. from the Fairborn Police Department: I have a Test & Evaluation 1-6 scope from you guys … We love it! The Chief loves it! I’m going to be sending it back – it’s like a week late, I apologize. I had to hold it longer. I wanted to get out to the range and put it through its paces … I have submitted reports, which are based on what we found with it. The freaking crosshair – the reticle – is ridiculously awesome! We really appreciate being able to test drive the thing. I’m going to request that we get two of them – this budget cycle, which is coming up here quick … Again, thanks so much. Tell Ed, “thank you” as well. I love that freaking scope! .

Bill T.

I LOVE my GRSC 1-6, and use it in run & gun and multigun matches! It performed quite well in the “Mogadishu Mile” match at New Holland, PA – where we had to shoot multiple targets between 3 and 300 yards, including moving targets in the pits at distance! If I were in the market for a new 1-6 power variable scope, I would definitely pick the GRSC all over again!

I am building a new longer range AR-15 and hope to use it in DMR matches out this way – the ranges are typically from 300-850 yards, sometimes even more. I also belong to a club with a 1050 yd range (Lewistown, PA), and enjoy shooting long distances – even with ARs. Therefore, I wanted a bit more powerful magnification for my new build. I looked at several, including the Leupold 1.1-8×26, the U.S. Optics SR-8c, the Valdada 1-10×26 Dual focal plane, the Valdada 1.5-8×26 FFP, Bushnell 1-8x, March-F 1-8×24, etc etc.

All of the above are either too heavy, eyebox too restricted, not that great of a reticle, etc. The closest thing that comes to what I want is probably the Valdada 1.5-8×26, but I am hesitant because it is not a true 1 power on the low magnification end. It is still 22 ounces, but on the light end of 1-8 power scopes. And it doesn’t have the fast GRSC reticle! Another one is the Leupold with the H27 reticle (I like the Horus for long range on one of my bolt rifles), but the price point is way too high for what you get, poor eyebox — and it is heavy.

This is why I asked. If you guys were coming out with a 1-8 power GRSC anytime soon, I would just wait. :-)

Thanks for the reply!


Just wanted to get back to you about the scope and cantilever mount. Everything is great and I’m glad that it worked out that only the cantilevered mounted was available.

The optics of the scope are excellent and I am very happy with the purchase.

Joe D.